Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monthly Meeting and Speaker Series

Some of us went early to the monthly meeting so we could sit in on the Board Meeting, which is open to the members as well.    I like to keep abreast of what's in the works as well as what's going on - this is a good way to  find out.     Our great news is that we will have a publicity chair, and a newsletter editor.    Both positions have been vacant for awhile and are sorely missed and needed.  Thanks to the volunteers for taking this on.    There will be some official announcement of the names before long, so I won't give away the beans before then.

Our speaker at the membership meeting was Henrietta Sparkman who presented a demo on mono printing with household items.    This will be the theme of the workshop she is giving this Saturday, June 13th at the gallery.   The workshop is filled but I believe there is enough interest she may return and do another workshop another day, or even an advanced workshop.      We'll have to watch the website, the newsletter and announcements from the president.    I think you'd enjoy taking a workshop from her. She is a very experienced and professional teacher, yet is very approachable and has a playful attitude with the materials and technique.    Should be a fun time for those lucky enough to sign up early.     

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