Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's new

Tuesday.    This was my day to sit at the gallery.     I choose to sit with a friend;  it helps make the day pass happily and gives extra gallery coverage.     Do you do the same?      The walls were looking pretty bare with the membership show taken down and the new show not hung yet.  

Charlene  Martin was busy at work making the name labels for the school art that is about to shown.   She started to hang the show, but ran out of time.   It's such an important community service to show student art in our gallery.    The kids, the families, the whole community benefits from this.    It can change a child's life to have their art appreciated and see it hanging in a gallery.   Maybe the next Picasso is lives in Lodi!    Who knows how this can affect their lives?    To me it can only be a positive thing.     Charlene believes in it and her enthusiasm and personal charm are making it work.     Becky Clover who had previously been responsible for student art was there quite by chance, and they had time to put their heads together.   

More work was coming in for the August show.     We can use even more, so get it right down there ASAP and have it hung.     Let the world see it.   Soon Pam Bechill will be busy at work finding just the right spots to place and hang everything.

We stayed afterwards for a meeting of the Small Works Show committee.   Sandy Telles is in charge this year, and plans are underway.  There will be a few changes that you will soon hear from Sandy, either in the newsletter, or in a call to artists.      The show is not until November so it may be a little time before things are finalized, but in the meantime,  please start painting, drawing,sculpting, stitching, or constructing small works to be shown in November and December.    

The post card announcements for the Small Works Show will have pics of an assortment of things that will be offered in the show.   If you have art that you plan to enter, please send an email with a photo to me at janeneford@yahoo.com.   We'll be selecting  a variety of photos that work well in the design and are representative of what we have to offer for sale during the show.    Please send them prior to Sept. 1st to be considered.      When post cards are done I'll  post a pic of the post card here on the blog, and Pepe will no doubt use it on the website as well.     The selected art will have some good exposure.      It will also be  mailed to hundreds of people.   Your art could end up in many hands.      I hope to see your art here soon.        Janene

Friday, July 26, 2013

August is looming ahead

Ahhh.   August.   Hot and dry.  Time to stay in the shade and drink lemonade, watching the children playing in the lake.       Time for catching fireflies.     Time to spend cool evenings outside.     

August in the gallery will be a cool place to hang out.   It stays nice and cool inside and there will be a new exhibit of art shown.      Don't forget First Friday on  August 2nd from 6-8:30.     

It's now time to remove the membership art show pieces and bring in new art.   What did you think of the show?      I hope you found it as inspiring as I did.     I love to browse and admire the art first, and then hone in on favorites and look at every little detail to see what makes each piece work.    The techniques and materials used always intrigue me.

The theme for the month of August is "New Directions".     Seems a fitting theme as there are so many pathways in life and new directions to explore - or shy away from.    Is your art taking you in a new direction?     Share what you are doing by showing it at the gallery.     This Saturday , July 27th from 12-5 is the date for picking up your art and dropping off new art for this month.       You'll probably run into old friends and meet some new ones while you are there.    And you can take a last look at the art that is being removed.       

Members received  a notice that the August  newsletter is online now.  I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but always look forward to reading the latest.     Click on the link and read the  news.    You don't want to miss anything important - or fun.       

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July gallery peeks

Here are some pics of the gallery taken yesterday.     It is the middle of the month and the days are zooming by - so if you want to see the  membership show, you'd better get to the gallery to see it.     The show is awesome.  There are so  many interesting things to see, you'll want to spend a little time taking it all in.    Hours are 12 - 5, come in where the air  is cool and so is the art.

Friday, July 5, 2013

First Friday Reception

Tonite the gallery showed the Best of the Membership art.       There were so many wonderful pieces of art,  from older established local artists, and also some new members.      I forgot to take my camera so I can't show you, but go see for yourself how well the show was hung, and how splendid it looked.    Lots of visitors came by and some of our older members showed up as well.     I was impressed with the look of the gallery this month, with more art hanging, and dividers for hanging art down the center of the big open space.   It looked much more inviting and interesting.      Pam deserves a round of applause for getting everything in place.    Rich Allen was busy attaching the award ribbons to the winners.     You can see them at the web site, where Pepe put them up today.   While we are patting ourselves on the back, let's send out a round of applause for Pepe's work on the web site.   

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Membership- show

Over 100 entries were brought in for the July annual membership show.   The judging is done, and winners have been announced.    Ta da!!!!!   check the website for the list of winners.   AND - be sure to get in to the gallery this month to see the members' works.  Many  new members showed their art, and some were on the award winner's list.   Congrats to each and every one of you.    And thank you for supporting the Lodi Community Art Center.

Tuesday July 9th is the date for the next meeting, where  Jeannie Vodden , membership show judge  will critique the show.   This is a good learning experience.     Please take advantage of this opportunity.    You can see all the entries at the same time.   To see Vodden's work go to her website http://www.jeannievodden.com/