Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Booksale Update

About 40 more books will be added this week.   Several on mosaics, printmaking, fiber and fabric arts, drawing, even a couple of coloring books.   Also some really good ones on watercolor and acrylic painting.   Check them out.

Books Sales benefits LCAC

A sizable donation of art technique books (gently used) has been received by the gallery to be sold for the benefit of the art center.      Subjects include mixed media, acrylic and watercolor painting, 3 dimensional art, fiber and fabric art, mosaics, paper arts, transfer techniques, life drawing, etc.    They are being sold for $10 each plus tax (or less as marked).      Come down soon as they are selling fast.    

Some of our other members are donating books to keep the sales rolling.    It's a good time to clear your shelf of unneeded books and pick up a few new ones and learn some new techniques.      

What's happening at the gallery

The second meeting for the Spring Show was this past Monday.  It seems so early to be immersed in planning this major fundraising event, but that is what it takes.   So many details, so many decisions, so much to co-ordinate.   Rich Allen is chairing the event this year and is an old hand at it.      We are in good hands, but we need lots of volunteers as the even nears.  You will be hearing more of this later.

This is your last chance to get in to see Tracy Di Vita's animal portraits.   Do come down today or tomorrow.  Then the gallery will be cleared of this months art, and a new show will be hung.   

Leland Choy is the next featured artist.     Mark your calendars for the first Friday Art Hop.      Leland is a fantastic artist with a wide range.   I know we'll be surprised by his choices of what will be hung.     He's working with Pam Bechill the gallery manager to have them hung in time for the opening reception.   You all know Leland from his monthly articles in the newsletter.   I'm sure you appreciate his quirky wit as much as I do.    

Members, please bring in your art to show in the gallery this week.     We'd love to see it brimming full of your art.     Mark it on your calendars for the last week of th month so you'll have time to get something ready to hang, and get it there for the next month.

Monday, August 18, 2014

News and more news

Today is the first meeting regarding the NEXT Spring Art Show.   This meeting is at 3 o'clock at the gallery.  The purpose is to brainstorm about what worked well in the last years, and what we might want to add or change.    No work involved in this meeting, just tossing around ideas.      So, come if you can.   It's always good to get other opinions and ideas.     

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What's new at the art center?

This month Traci DiVita is the featured artist.   She selected mostly animals for the featured artist corner walls.   From pets to farm animals, all with wonderfully expressive faces and eyes, they show just a portion of her range as an artist.  

  Come in and check out her work before the end of the month, when Leland Choy will be showing his work as featured artist.

Please try to make it a point to come in on the evening of First Fridays, for the featured artist reception and also to see the newly hung art for the month.    

Today Phyllis Cook and I are sitting the gallery, and also bringing in a  collection of more than 40 art books, donated for the gallery to sell.    They will be sold at $10 apiece.    Mixed media, collage, painting, book arts, transfer techniques, etc. titles, which have all been previously ready and treasured will be there to purchase, so if you love art techniques and are inspired by books, come by and get some while the shelf is still well stocked.

If you'd like a list of the titles offered, email the gallery and a list can be sent to you.      We are not shipping them, you will have to pick them up or make arrangements to pick up.        Check this out.

Hope to see you at the gallery soon.     Janene