Sunday, June 14, 2015

Show us what you've got. July - Membership show

It's almost time to submit your art for the Annual Membership Competition.   This show hangs in the gallery for the  month of July.   You are encouraged to submit your art to get in on the judging and fun of showing with the other members.   It's good to see the gallery packed with our own good art.   

It's also time to renew your membership.   There are some additional  benefits this year.    Here is the link to get more information.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monthly Meeting and Speaker Series

Some of us went early to the monthly meeting so we could sit in on the Board Meeting, which is open to the members as well.    I like to keep abreast of what's in the works as well as what's going on - this is a good way to  find out.     Our great news is that we will have a publicity chair, and a newsletter editor.    Both positions have been vacant for awhile and are sorely missed and needed.  Thanks to the volunteers for taking this on.    There will be some official announcement of the names before long, so I won't give away the beans before then.

Our speaker at the membership meeting was Henrietta Sparkman who presented a demo on mono printing with household items.    This will be the theme of the workshop she is giving this Saturday, June 13th at the gallery.   The workshop is filled but I believe there is enough interest she may return and do another workshop another day, or even an advanced workshop.      We'll have to watch the website, the newsletter and announcements from the president.    I think you'd enjoy taking a workshop from her. She is a very experienced and professional teacher, yet is very approachable and has a playful attitude with the materials and technique.    Should be a fun time for those lucky enough to sign up early.     

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Benefits of being a member

Here is a message JC sent  out to the membership, in case you didn't get one.    I took the liberty of highlighting some of the benefits she mentioned.

I hope you will join and or renew your membership to keep art alive in Lodi, at our own gallery and beyond through the outreach programs we have.   

It is the time of year to renew your annual membership and enter the Lodi Community Art Center Annual Membership show.  I know that you may have many reasons to maintain your membership in the Art Center. So let me take this opportunity to remind you why your continued membership is important to both you and the Art Center. 

If you are an artist the Art Center provides you with an opportunity to display and sell your work.  Hanging fees are the lowest you will find in the area, especially for a gallery located in a thriving downtown and tourist area.  The artist return is one of the areas highest in the area, for every piece of art sold you receive 75%.  This year the board approved providing 1 free hanging fee with every full year renewal and new membership. Does not apply to juried show entry fees.

As an art lover you recognize that the Lodi Art Center adds to the thriving Art community in Lodi, providing a place to appreciate your art and those of others in the community as well as providing free demonstrations, reasonable classes and workshops to members and non-members alike.

You support the role the art center provides to the community, our community involvement with the Art Commission, the Art Hop, and youth gallery displays. You appreciate the opportunities the gallery provides to enter juried art shows. You recognized the opportunities to not only display your work at the gallery but at other venues such as our show last year at the Bank of Stockton.
You recognize that membership provides you with discounts for:
o   Juried Show entries
o   Classes
o   Workshops
o   Events such as the Spring Show Gala and other gallery events
o   Web profile listing of you and your art
o   Comradery with other artists and

Finally you realize that by renewing your membership in July you are providing much needed funds to keep the doors open until November our next fund raising show.  Last year we operated at a loss until our Spring Show in April.  Much of this was due to our low renewal rate last year.  Our goal this year is to have 100 membership renewals by September.  Please don’t disappoint us, stop by the gallery or drop your renewal in the mail. 
I am including entry form for the Membership Show. 
Thank you
JC Strote

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Message from Pam regarding the membership meeting on the 9th

June is going to be a great month.

Last night was the reception for Sam Bassett and Pepe Pool.     It was Art Hope and my goodness the place was packed and full of good energy.     They showed a lot of art, in various forms and materials.   Wall art, sculptures, all the things they are known for, but in one place, mounted beautifully.      You MUST come to the gallery and see it there before pieces start selling off and away they go.  

There was wonderful music by Jesse Christian Hendricks, a Spanish guitar musician.   Here is his website where you can hear some of his music.    I'm now a huge fan.

Our wine for the reception was supplied and poured by d'Art Winery, from right here in Lodi.     What I tasted was excellent and I heard many people talking about how good it was.

The camera on the new phone doesnt' take very good pics, but here are a few to give you a little taste of the evening.