Friday, September 27, 2013

Mixed Media Group at LCAC

A few years ago, after having being a part of a very successful mixed media group in Sacramento, I approached a couple of the mixed media artists who are active in LCAC ( Patti Wallace and Lisa Goldman) whether they thought we could start a local group of mixed media artists and meet at the gallery?      The board approved our inquiries and soon we had it up and running.   And we are still going strong.      I can't tell  you how much it adds to our lives to have a chance to share and make art with others who have similar interests.      We share techniques and materials, and swap stories and jokes.        This last month we created a collaborative piece, with each artist adding their art to the backs of large puzzle pieces.   No one knew what anyone else was doing, we just each did our own thing.  We could draw, paint, or use collage to embellish the pieces.   Then we put it all together to see how it looked.  

 It's on a table in the studio/workroom this month, so if you get a chance come in and see what it looks like.     
This is a snapshot, so you can't really see the details.    There is a list next to it with the names  of the participating artists.

A number of us are doing an online paint 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.     We brought in some of our works to show what we have done.    Here are a few pics.

Marilyn Erickson is showing a book she has been reading, while Patti Wallace looks on.

These are some of Patti's paintings in the 30 day challenge.

LCAC  has been very supportive of our group and has made it possible for us to have a convenient, accessible work space with good lighting, work tables,  and seating.   

LCAC offers classes and workshops.   You can always stop by and see what is happening, or go to the website for information.        They are considering starting a painting group, somewhat similar to our mixed media group.     I hope it comes to pass because it adds immeasurably to your art and painting experience, to make your art with others.    Great friendships can come from these experiences.        If you are interested, let LCAC know.      Rich Allen and the board are open to your ideas and suggestions.  

We are in the news

Here is a link to the article that appeared following our grand opening.     Take a peek at the nice write up and the people involved.      

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grand Opening

I'm behind the times here, had a minor home accident, so could not get to the grand opening.    Watch the web site and the face book pages to see what you missed if you were not there.   I hear is was really nice, with lots of people, and doors to courtyard open to add to the ambiance.    If I can get anyone to send me photos, I'll post some here so you can see what WE missed.      

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Small Works Show 2013

The updated information is online now, including the downloadable application form that should be filled out when you bring in your art in late October.        Here is the link.   Scroll to the bottom for  application form link.