Sunday, September 28, 2014

What happens in October?

September is almost over.     Each month we change out the art on exhibit in the gallery.   So, if you have art hanging this month, it's time to go over and pick it up, so the next month's art can be hung.      And if you have something to hang in October, it's time to get it there.    Our theme for the month is East is East, West is West.   How did you interpret this in your art?

Caroline Henry is the featured artist for October, taking the space which was devoted to the art of Leland Choy this month.    We all know Caroline, who has been president of our group many times and devoted countless hours of volunteer work in many capacities.   This is a chance for us to honor her and her work.     She has selected humorous drawings and paintings to show next month.      It will be a treat for all of us.    

October 3rd will be First Friday Art Hop from 6-8 p.m. and will serve as artist reception for featured artist.
Please put this on your calendar and plan to be there.
Light refreshments are served.

 October 7th is the LCAC Board Meeting.    It's open to the membership and a good way to find out how the group works, what's going on, and how you can fit in. 

October 11 and 12.     Lodi Open Studio Tour.   20 artists in 12 locations will be showing their work and visiting with guests.   Many will be demonstrating how they work and showing you their work methods and spaces.  
Stop by the gallery for the map.   Free admission.    Here is a list of artists and where they are showing:
Caroline Henry and Elizabeth Parrish  at Caroline's home. 
JC Strote, Linda Osborne and Glenda Burns at JC's studio/home.  
Patti Wallace  at Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Winery.    
Lisa Goldman  at her home/studio.    
Barbara McClain Gillespie and Pamela McClain Bechill at 501 W. Lodi Ave, 
Tony Segale at his Double Dip Gallery, 
Susan Farley at Klinker Brick Winery,
Sandy Telles at Watts Winery,
Leticia Nave, Mardie Dalzell Driftmier and Rich Allen Acquiesce Winery in Acampo
Eric Baker  at our own gallery,
Suzie Wilbourn and Chris Thompson  at Mc Kinleys Frame Shop,
Kay Owen  at Ripkin Wines.

October 14th is the monthly Membership Meeting which will feature a demo by Caroline Henry.     Come and meet the members of the group and enjoy the presentation.    Snacks provided.    I particularly like this little piece of art by Caroline which reminds me of the aroma of Cheerios that hang in the air near the plant as I drive by.   

At the end of the month   we will be taking in art for the Annual Small Works Show.      See the website and check your emails for the details, call to artists, etc.      And start thinking about submitting your art if you have not done so in the past.  Or is you have not shown your work for awhile, this is a good way to get back into action in a smaller format.      

October is a busy month.   The committee for the Spring Show is meeting and making plans.    There are many volunteer opportunities, somethings that can probably fit your style, fitness, and talents.      You'll be hearing more later.       Have a great month.     Janene

Monday, September 15, 2014

Encaustic Workshop - good reports.

I stopped by the gallery at the close of the workshop and got to see the work the gals had accomplished during this one day workshop by Linda Nunes.     All of them were charged up and excited to see how many pieces they did and how many techniques they learned.    I think some of them will be following up and showing more encaustic work in the gallery soon.  

Bringing home the ribbons

I spent most of today at the annual Grape Festival in Lodi.     I've never shown any of my art there, but many of our members did.   Rich Allen had a table for LCAC and had handouts and information.  He was also working on a new oil painting as a demo.  

Frances Scott had been invited to have tables and invite other artists to demo and show their work.      That's how I happened to be there.     Helen Pauwels, Jean Janssen and I paint together with Frances on Mondays at the senior center in Stockton.  she invited us to show our work with her, and Marge show her quilting and needlework.    

While I was walking around enjoying the art and the Bonsai, and table setting displays, I spotted a work I really liked and went over to see it closer.    Surprise!    It was an award winner - by our own Doug Drendell.     Isn't that a kick?    So then I started looking at the name tags with the art, and I found many of our members were showing art there - and many had won awards.  Some of the members I recognized were Darrell O'Sullivan, Jean Janssen, Patti Wallace, Caroline Henry, Rhonda Spillaine, Elizabeth Parrish, Sandy Telles, Rich Allen, Eric Baker, Beverly Felton, Frances Scott, Rochelle Tietze and Charlene Martin.

I'm sure there are others I didn't spot, and I apologize to anyone I overlooked.    LCAC was not only well represented - members brought home a lot of ribbons.  Kudos to those that entered and to those who received awards.       I'd say we have something to crow about.       

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Time marches on.

It seems so early to be thinking about the Spring Annual Show - but the committee is meeting regularly and plans are being made.   Decisions, like who to ask to judge the show,    who will be in charge of publicity,   who will be in charge of the Benefit evening?     All these things need to be worked out early, so everything can proceed without glitches.      Do think about volunteering when the call goes out - it is a fun way to get better acquainted and see behind the scenes of a big show.    It's quite fascinating.     

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Open Studio Tour - mark your calendars

Lodi Open Studios Tour 2014  (LOST) is in the works.
  In fact, the artists are already signed on.    Now they will be busy producing art to show at the 12 different venues.  Some of the artists are showing in their own studios or businesses, others are sharing spaces, some are showing at wineries, and at least one (Eric Baker with his gourds and pyography)  will be showing in the gallery.   Pottery, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor paintings, fabric arts, photography, glass art, jewelry, assemblage, garden art, art quilts will be shown.     Stop by the gallery for the brochure that has the map, locations, and list of participating artists.

There are a few changes this year.  There is no charge for the map, but if you want to get into the fun of the Art Treasure Hunt, you can purchase tickets ($10.) at any any of the venues.  You can also collect treasures along the way and be a part of the raffle to win $500. value to purchase art from one or more of the participating artists.    

Mark your calendars for October 11 and 12, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Come out and join the fun.  

Demo report

The encaustic demo last evening with Linda Nunes was wonderful.  

  She was a delightful presenter full of enthusiasm and information.    There is still one opening (last time I checked) for the Saturday workshop.    Call the gallery to sign on if you are interested.      A few things I learned last evening were the infinite possibilities of encaustics.   Transfers, oil pastels, pencil drawing, photography, carving, India ink - all things that can work with encaustic, plus the things that you can encase in it, like rusty things, fabrics,  and just about anything else.    A  couple of our newer members from Rio Vista were there, along with the Lodi and Stockton regulars.    We were so glad to see new faces in the group.   If you check down a couple posts back I put her link there so you can see her work and a short video.

Next month, Caroline Henry will give a demo on Watercolor Painting.   Second Tuesday evening at 6:30.   Mark your calendars.    

Do you have a website?

I saw this today in my emails, and thought you might be interested.     If you have not subscribed to their web posts, you might want to sign on, as they often have such interesting subjects and discussions.      

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A gift for you

Sometimes it's hard to remember to check back in with blogs, so we have made it easier.  Over there on the right side, you can be notified by email of new posts, or you have the option to subscribe through your favorite blog following programs.     Just a few clicks and you can keep up, without having to rely on your memory.   I hope this makes your life easier.   janene   BTW this image is from the Graphic Fairy.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mark your calendars - Tuesday Sept. 9th

This coming Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.  is the general membership meeting, which is very brief - mostly announcements of upcoming events and activities - and then an artist demo.      We have had many wonderful demos in the past, thanks to Pam  Bechill who finds and arranges for them.      Soon as I know for sure who is scheduled this month - I'll add to this post.  But in the meantime, do put it on your calendar.    Free demos are such a good way to get new ideas and inspirations, and also learn to use other materials and techniques in your own art.  

News bulletin just in - demo this month will be by L.Nunes with a Encaustic Demo promoting a workshop on September 13th

We just received a notice about the demo and it included a link to the website of Linda Nunes.     There is a short video there showing some of the encaustic works.   This is a must see.    Maybe even a must try, or a must take the workshop to learn more.    

Art Hop

Here are a few pics taken at the Art Hop event at the gallery last evening.     I don't know how many people were there, but I noticed the number of times the glasses had to be washed and set out again - and there were a few times it got pretty crowded.     Gallery looked beautiful, people were in good spirits, and it was a good evening.   

here are some of our members seated in front of some of Leland Choy's works.    Ready to meet and greet visitors. 
 Here are a few pieces of member's art.

 Here is Leland with members Frances  and Rochelle.
 Gallery with visitors arriving.
 Leland paints an impromptu portrait of Frances.
Claire Oaks paintings on display.

All this art work will be on display during the month of Sept.   Come in soon and see how wonderful it looks and enjoy the art.        

Friday, September 5, 2014

September at the gallery

Wow.  The art in the gallery is extra special this month.  We have some new members showing their work, Leland Choy is our featured artist and the works related to Lodi by Claire Oaks is being shown.    The gallery is loaded with good art.     Come in if you can and take some time to browse.    The book sale is going strong and some other members have added to the books being offered for sale to benefit the Art Center.      Thanks to all contributors and also to the lucky purchasers of these very gently used books.

First Friday Art Hop is tonite starting at 6 p.m.  Wines and reception food is hosted by volunteers - its a good time to get together, meet new members and old friends.   I'll post some pics tomorrow.     Hope to see you there tonite.