Saturday, December 21, 2013

Time moves forward

Sales have been good for the small works show, but there is still good art on the walls and shelves, so better get down there soon, before it all disappears.       The holiday decorations are up, the heat is on, and good people to help you with your purchases.

 There is already a buzz in the air about the Spring Show which will be on April 11th thru 13th.     JC Strote is chairing the show and looking for volunteers to help with many different aspects.   I'm sure she can use your talents and time in some way.  The more people we have working on it, the less it leaves for the few who usually carry the load.     Let's give them a hand and make this the best show ever.     It is so much fun to help, it makes you feel involved and part of the show, even if you are not showing your own art.   

There is plenty of time to get some art ready for the Spring Show.    Soon as the new year is here, I'm making it one of my priorities.       I'd love to see something of mine hanging there again at the winery.      How about you?