Friday, June 28, 2013

Call for Volunteers - an opportunity

Planning begins way in advance for the Art Center events.     Sandy Telles is chair of the Small Works show which hangs in the gallery for the months of November and December.   Jean Justeau did a great job with the show the last few years.  Now Sandy needs to put together a new committee.  She needs volunteers.      If you'd like to see how to put a show together right from the earliest stages this is a good opportunity.   There are big jobs and small jobs associated with the shows.    You can pick the ways that your talents and skills can be useful once you understand what needs to be done.     It' will be good  to see new members sign on for these things too, as it is a good way to get to know one another in a social setting and working together often builds friendships.      This  picture is from a show a few years back.

A hot day in a cool space

Some members volunteered today to help with taking in new art for the membership show.   It is a blistering 100  plus degree day, but we were as cool as cucumbers with the air conditioning working it's magic.  Some of our brand new members were volunteers and it was great to have them there taking on new tasks with enthusiasm.    I left at 3oclock.  We had already taken in 54 pieces of art.    I'm sure tomorrow morning there will be another big rush to get in and out before the heat of the day skyrockets.      We are short on three dimensional works, so if you have something ready, it is a good time to get down  to the gallery and get it entered.     Remember, works can be brought in from 12 - 5 tomorrow.     

I can tell you some of  the work being brought in is really good, so it will be exciting to see the annual membership show.    Pam will have her hands full hanging this show in the new space.    

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keeping up with the times

Some of our members are Face Book now and its a good way to keep informed not just about the gallery, but about other things going on in the community.     Here's a link in case you want to check it out.

July Newsletter now online

Pepe has the July Newsletter on the web site now.  Just click here to get right to it.    I like his use of photos with the classes and workshops.  Thanks Pepe for keeping us up to date in such a stylish way.

 I read that there is a big push to bring in new artists and patrons as members, as that is what we need now, particularly with the new gallery expenses and the growth and activities that are in the works.  If each of us can sign up just one more, we'll double in size.   I think we can do even better than that.   More people, more art, more showings, more sales.  

Here is something you can all do to help the art community from home.   Or on the road.    If you hear of an upcoming art show or exhibit others might like to see, drop us a note so we can get the word out.     And please get the word out to your friends about our acitivities and upcoming events.    

It is time for the July membership show again.    Are you ready?    Framed?  Wired?    That's the part I don't like.  Painting and making art pieces is the fun part.     I'll be working at receiving on Friday with other volunteers, so I get a first hand look at the art and get to put faces with the names of the artists.      I hope to see you there.        Janene

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sitting the Gallery

This was my first day to sit the gallery at the new location.   Phyllis Cook, a brand new member breezed in with me to learn the ropes.    Rich Allen was already there when we arrived and showed us the locks, lights, and heating/ac controls.

 Everything  else is the same, with the money count, the receipts, etc.   There are a couple other little changes, like what signs to put out front, and the front walkway that needs to be swept every morning to remove the leaves that fall and blow into our entrance.   It doesn't take long with the big broom.   We also used a huge dust mop on those new wood floors and dusted the shelves.  

It was a very pleasant day.   We had a number of member visitors  which is always fun, and some walk ins.   We had one nice sale of a beautifully framed photo of a red rose.  It was a striking piece.    The purchaser agreed to let us show it until the end of the month, so stop by and see it before it is gone.     

The new visitors all seem to enjoy having our gallery to browse in and I think  our membership will grow.  You know more artsy people visit galleries, than non artistic people.   We appreciate each others work.      We can always use more members and love seeing new works come in.     

Don't forget to bring in your artwork for the July membership show.    By then we'll have more experience at the new location.   I'm excited about seeing the membership show.   

Rich is still looking for a few volunteers on take in days for that show.  The dates are June 28th from 12 - 5 and Saturday June 29th from 12-5.   Call the gallery (333-3855) to volunteer,  or email Rich at

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Have you seen the new format for the LCAC newsletter online?      I just now looked at it, and think it's great.     Here's a link to it.  

Delivered right to your computer.  It can be downloaded and printed if you want a hard copy.

Membership Meeting Tuesday June 11th

This will be our first membership meeting in  the new gallery.     It starts at 7 p.m with a short installation of new officers.   Refreshments will be served at 7:10.   At 7:30 Clemmie King will give a demonstration of Chinese Brush Painting.   

Our membership meetings are open to the public, and are free.    Bring a friend and enjoy this opportunity to see Clemmie's demo.   At the end, people will have an opportunity to try their hands at this art form.

By the way, it's time to renew your membership in LCAC.    Or to join if you are not a member yet.     Go back to the home page on the LCAC web site where you can join online.     

First Friday in June

First Friday was last evening.     Very hot outside.      We went early and were lucky to get good parking in front.     I took a few pics, said hello all around, admired things and enjoyed the short visit.    

We are open for business again

Two evenings in a row, the gallery was exposed to the community by way of the Farmer's Market on Thursday, and First Friday Art Walk last evening.     Before that could happen, the paintings were hung, and things put in their place by Pam, the new gallery chairman.     Here she is arranging things in the front window.    

Here are more pics of the gallery getting dressed up for company.   

The gallery is a work in progress.     It remains to be seen how to make the best use of the space - but at least for now - it is ready to be shown.     It is very light and airy, and feels very spacious.  Down the center of the ceiling are lights with fans which help the air circulate and keeps the temperature down.    

Don't you think you should come for a visit soon and see it for yourself?       

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Opening soon - behind the scenes

The call went out with an email from Rich Allen announcing the dates to bring in member's art for showing in June.  This is not the competitive Membership show - that is coming up next month.    For now, it is hanging and placing our art in the gallery and testing out the new facility.    I showed up with my grandson with my  own art I'd like to show this month.   I have one "Scrap Journal", one altered book and two mixed media collage/paintings.  

When we arrived, there were already quite a few paintings stacked around the room and three dimensional pieces placed on the shelves and in the window.      Here are a few pics of how it looks in there now.     No art is hung yet, but by Friday it will all be in place.  

 Notice the new floors which help brighten up the space, and the new lighting?   All major improvements which will make our art show better.

 The next photos show some counter and display space.

Photo was taken from behind our counter, looking out into the main room of the gallery.   

Finally, the room where everything ends up!   This will soon be the work room/studio.    Patti is busy finding new homes for all the materials needed for classes and workshops.
  There is also a full basement for storage of things that don't find homes.   I think, however there is adequate storage on ground level with all those cabinets around the gallery that have sliding doors to hide our supplies and materials.  

Remember, First Friday is this week, and we will be officially open for business.    So, get your art into the gallery ASAP so it can be shown.  And don't forget to pick a date on the calendar to volunteer  to sit the gallery.     I hope to see you at First Friday.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Email

As most of us know from past experience, making one change often means making many more changes - many of which are not of our choice.    Here's one more change, due to internet provider.    The  email address for LCAC is or