Thursday, May 30, 2013

July Membership Show

I see  the information about the July show is online now at our website.  Mark your calendars with these dates.   Take in of art, Friday and Saturday June 28 and 29 from noon to 5 p.m    For full details go to this link.     This is an important show of the best of our memberships' art.     Please bring yours in and see how it  looks hanging in the new gallery.     We want to see it too.     

You won't believe this...

I can't believe the renovations are way ahead of schedule.  Rich Allen announced this morning that we will be up and running before the first Friday Art Walk on June 7th.     So, the call is out to bring in our art, not the things that will be shown in July's annual membership competition, but other member art.     Bring it in, watch for the messages from Rich and from JC.   I can hardly wait to see how it looks and to see our art hanging there.     

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday - after the big move

Well, most everything has been moved to the  new location.    Not by me or mine however despite our plans to be of help.   A change in work schedule and a health issue kept us home, while the fit and healthy were shuffling things around.      

Today there is still more to do at the old gallery.  Files to be packed, things to haul away.    Then arranging things at the new space.    It's a big job.     There are always volunteer opportunities to help out is you can.

 Fortunately there is a lot of storage space in the new space, so everything will soon be looking tidy.       The floors have yet to be laid in the gallery section.     

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Today is moving day

It's Sunday today.  Time to bring out the big muscles and pick up trucks.  Meet at the old gallery at 11 a.m.   I sure hope people show up to help.    I have two big strapping grandsons who volunteered so I'll be there with them.    Mostly I hope to be snapping pictures and moving little light weight things.   The boys can do heavy stuff along with the other members who will be helping out.

If all went according to plans the electric work was done yesterday.     I am anxious to see the difference the lighting makes in the gallery.   It sounded like a good plan, with some directional lighting  along walls and down the center as well.    They will be able to point beams of light onto whatever sculptures and such that are on pedestals  scattered in the gallery.    

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting your art out there.

I expect when it's time to launch the new gallery and open for business - that we'll see quite a bit of traffic in our new location.  Part will be there out of curiosity - to see what we have done with this space, and others will be there to see art.    It will be an important time to get your art in the gallery.   You want to take advantage of the exposure and possible new customer base.

What you can do now, is start thinking about what to bring in.   You still have time to create some new art.   And with July being the membership show, with good awards (including cash) it's a great opportunity.    If you have not shown lately or been discouraged by slow sales, keep in mind this is a new beginning.   It;s up to us to get our finest work on display to generate sales for the gallery - and for YOU.  

Painting Day

It's painting day and I don't mean on canvases.    Painting on walls, cupboards, doors, ceilings - everywhere.
I stopped by the new location just as Jose ran out of paint so he let us in so I could  take a few pics to share here.     This is how it looked just before noon today.

The first photo was take when we first went in - sprayed paint must have still been in the air, as the camera picked it up, although we didn't really notice it.   The cabinet doors have been removed and are in the workroom/studio drying from their fresh coats of paint.

The area at the back of the main room has been modified, so that you can see into the next area better.  It will make a nice presentation and with proper lighting our art will show nicely there.
 This shot is of a corner of the studio room, with the open door going into the bathroom.

This last photo is looking from the back of the first section towards the front doors.   It already looks so much brighter and fresher.    When the doors are returned to the lower cabinets they will also reflect more light and also hide whatever we store inside. 

I'll be back to take more pictures around the beginning of next week.    Stay tuned so you can see the progress.  

Everyone have a fun weekend.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Interesting links

Do you follow the Artist Daily web site?   It's quite interesting.  If you sign up, they will send an email daily with an article about visual arts.   Today it was about painting from photographs.   Here is a link to them in case you want to check them out.

Packing and moving

Rich Allen has put out a call for helpers with packing up things at the present gallery and studio, and actually moving the things to the new location.    Those of you who are able to help should certainly be encouraged to jump in if only for an hour or two. Every little bit of help makes a difference.    We all expect to benefit from the move, it's up to us to do whatever we can.  

Drop by the gallery and get in on the action.    

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Picking up, packing up and moving.

After the successful and fun Spring Show,  LCAC is now in the flurry of activities associated with moving the Art Center and Gallery to a new location.   We will be at 110 W. Pine Street, between School and Church Streets on the south side of the street.   Here is a little quick tour in case you have not had a chance to see it for yourself.

This picture is looking East on the 100 Block of W. Pine Street.   Our location is halfway up the block on the right.   Between a wine tasting room and a quaint little French Chic shop.

 This is the one, with the green awning.
See the nice double doors.      And good display windows that can show off paintings as well as three dimensional things.  There is one on each side of the door.


No one was there this a.m. when  I took these, so they are taken through the glass doors.    You can get a pretty good view of what it looks like now. 

There were no lights on, so try to picture it much lighter.     See how wide the gallery is.    I like how roomy it feels.   The photos make it look like a shorter room, but that is deceptive.   It's actually a pretty large space.   Some wall display cabinets will be left in - lighted cabinets  with adjustable glass shelving, so they will adapt for paintings and other dimensional things.   The color will be warmed up, with a light linen color on walls.    It's a beautiful neutral that will show our art well.    

I could not get pics of anything else today, but will show you more later.     And show you the progress as it is made ready for the big day when we can open for business.

There is parking on the street, with a 90 minute limit, and no parking meters.    Cool for quick visits and dropping off your work.   This is  the corner parking lot shared with other shops and banks.

Let me know what else you'd like to see and I'll try to post pics.    

Ready, set, go.

With all the new things - EXCITING THINGS - happening with the art center, we are going to try to keep you updated through our very own  blog.    It can also be seen by casual visitors to our website, but basically it's for the  members and anyone who is interested in the Lodi Community Art Center.

This is my first post to this blog, although I've been blogging for years with personal blogs.    The reason I wanted to take this on now is that I see it is hard for some of our members to get to meetings, and get in to the gallery.    Some of you have health issues, or transportation problems, or life gets in the way issues.   Visit us often here, and leave comments so your voice can be heard.     I hope this will help you feel connected and part of this exciting time for LCAC.    We can use your ideas, thoughts and best wishes.   The one thing we always agree on is that we all want LCAC to be successful.   

You can become a follower and be notified when new posts are added.  That way you won't miss anything here.    Check the Google + Followers button on the right side of the screen.  A few quick steps is all it takes. 

My next post will take you inside - inside the new gallery space.    Stay tuned.   
Janene Ford