Friday, February 27, 2015

Good News - Leland Choy is Blogging

Long time member/artist Leland Choy, who has been writing the monthly articles for the newsletters, has started his own blog.      Here is a link:    He just wrote a piece today.

His articles are the first things I usually read every month as his quirky humor always gave me a giggle and made me stop and think.       I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will.      

I set up a little section over there on the right side, where names and blogs of members can be listed.  If you are a member and a blogger, please let us know in a comment - we would love to add your link.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Deadline for Spring Show entries looming ahead

Feb 28th is the deadline for entering art into the Spring Art Show.     With the online entry system, and photos needed, the gallery is offering assistance taking the necessary pictures and even holding you hand through the registration process.    Saturday is the day.    Don't miss this great opportunity to show your work in such a special place.     The show is always so beautiful with paintings hung on the wine barrels in the big barrel room.      Do enter if you have something ready, and if you don't, you still have a few days .... hint, hint.   

Friday, February 13, 2015

What's ahead for March?

 Those of you who know Frances Scott know she is a bit of a character - and it shows in her work.  

 Her first love in art is woodcarving.  She has done a lot of it.  Big heavy pieces, pieces done on a ladder with a chain saw, and smaller pieces as well.     Most of them are installed in homes or businesses.   She is a certified wood carver having studied under a master wood carver from Europe.    Frances used to travel the circuit with the California Wood Carvers Assn.    

Some of her smaller works included canes with intricate designs - animals, faces, etc.    She also carves golf balls.   Yes, you read that correctly.    Carved golf balls.   Who would have known the hard rubber centers could be used as a carving surface?   

Currently Frances is more engaged with oil painting.    For many years she concentrated on western themes, although she isn't sure why.   She doesn't know any cowboys, never did.   She never owned a horse.  But something about cowboys, horses, cows, and the old west struck a chord in her artistic brain.  The work she will be showing are many of her western works.     

You will get a sense of  her vitality in her art.   Frances is in her 80s, and still full of vim and vinegar.   She is lively and funny - loves a good party, a good joke, and mostly people.    Come to the reception if you can and meet our one of a kind - no shrinking violet - Frances Scott.

Also in Marach the Mixed Media group is having their first group showing.  For a number of the, it is the first time they have shown their work.   Others in the group will be familiar to you as actively showing artists in the area.  

This group is actually a splinter of the Mixed Media Artists of Northern California which was active in Sacramento for the early part of this century.    It grew to unmanageable size and then slowly dwindled away.   Fortunately we started exploring the possibility of starting a mixed media group in Lodi, and the LCAC opened their arms and friendships to us .  With the encouragement of several wonderful active mixed media artists already associated with LCAC - we formed the Lodi Mixed Media Group.  We call ourselves the M&M's. 

The M&Ms meet twice a month during most of the year - although in January and February we meet weekly.      We learn from each other.  Our show and tell session are often the springboards to what we want to learn next, and take turns teaching what we know.     We also really enjoy each others company and encouragement.  Sometimes one of us wants a piece of work critiqued, or needs a nudge or hint of what to do next.     In such a nurturing environment - we help each other grow - in whatever direction we choose.   

You will see examples of the work of the listed artists.   In different mediums.    You will note that Frances Scott is also a member of this group, so  she may show some other pieces of work with us.   

Many of us will be there at the reception - it is our reception too.   It should be a lot of fun.      Info is on the card above.    

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Photography Show - Friday Art Hop

Tomorrow (Feb 6th, evening is Art Hop.    If you have not been in to see the photography show yet, try to get there and see the gallery brim full of beautiful framed photos.     Sometimes we forget how beautiful they can be and how we can be touched by certain images.    

Daryl O'Sullivan, who chaired the show  deserves a big cheer for his efforts in putting the show together.   We must never take our volunteers for granted.  They are the heart and the backbone of the Lodi Community Art Center.   

Think Spring!

Don't you just love springtime?     Blossoms and breezes here in the valley, with fog a thing of the past, and the heat of summer to come.     This morning on the drive from Stockton to Lodi, I was surprised to see how many trees are in bloom right now.       Here is a picture I took two weeks ago  of a wonderful field - it's so colorful, I think it would make a splendid painting.      The field today was being mowed, and with it the color was gone.   I hope as it grows back, it will again have the stripes of yellows, reds and greens - but it might be past that time.    If you'd like to paint it, you have my permission.   

One of the highlights of Spring is the annual Spring Art Show at the Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Winery in Acampo.      We are gearing up for it now - and it's time to get your own artwork entered.    Here's the place to go for the information.

You still have a few weeks to enter your art, but you must get it entered online soon.     Grab your paintbrush and finish up that masterpiece - take a good photo of it, and get it entered.   It is a chance to have it seen by many people and a chance to connect with a customer.       

More later.