Friday, June 20, 2014

We are missing a good friend

Here is the obit for Janet Hayden who chaired the Spring Show in 2013.      We watched her own art voice grow and bloom in our little art community, and her wonderful spirit will be long remembered.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Come on Down -Monthly meeting and demos

Have you heard that we are again having live demos at our monthly membership meetings?    It's true.

 Last  month our long time friend/member and neighbor down the street with his own small gallery and ice cream parlor, Tony Segale, was our artist/demonstrator.     Tony demonstrated his watercolor techniques by creating a painting as he explained his methods.     He was open to questions and comments and the evening flew by.    

This month there was an even larger turnout, as the word spread about the demos.   Some of the newer members showed up and also some we had not seen for quite a while - in fact, we had a full house.    The visiting artist this month was George Allen Durkee, who now works and shows in Murphys.     You can see his work on his website,  George works in oils.   It was fascinating to watch him work while he kept us amused with a lively dialogue.     At the end of the evening he had a little raffle - we put our names in a hat and he pulled out a slip of paper with MY name on it.    I won the painting he did in front of us.     I'm leaving it at the gallery for awhile so everyone can see it.   Ask at the desk, and tell them it's in the back with wet paintings.     That's where Leland Choy keeps his wet work that he does on Wednesday mornings.     

We are going to make some changes in the studio and increase the seating, so more of you can be accommodated.   You really don't want to miss the opportunity to see and hear our guest artists explaining and showing what they do and how they do it.   We all come away inspired and with new ideas to try.    

The monthly membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday evenings of each month.  Please check your newsletter to get the time and find out who is the next artist showing and demonstrating their work.      

Remember, mark your calendars.  Second Tuesday evenings.    Why don't you come downtown, have a nice dinner with friends, and stroll on over for the demo?  I can't think of a much nicer way to spend a Tuesday evening.      

Strategic Planning

The gallery  studio area was buzzing Last evening with the annual task of strategic planning.    The big questions are  - how can we involve more members in our activities?      What programs are most important?       How can we increase our funding?  

 Yes, unfortunately, budget does matter.   A good part of the meeting dealt with budget review and forecasts.  Definitely not my favorite topic, but it's a part of life, personally and as a group.     

There was also a lot of discussion on programs.    And events, and how to make them work within out budget.    

Our new VP Doug Drendell has interesting ideas for fund raising on several levels.     I think we'll  be hearing more from him as he tackles this very important task.     If you have ideas, please bring them to Doug's attention ( or to our president, JC Strote (     You can phone them or use email, or come to a meeting.  There are all kinds of ways to input your opinions.   In fact, if you have ideas for programs, classes, outreach, membership services, etc.   please speak up.    There are no mind readers on the board.

 It looks like there are some  good changes and fun times coming ahead, like the monthly demos being a part of our monthly meetings.     I'll write about our last one in a separate post.   Pam Bechill has some really interesting demos planned and I'm sure your will enjoy them, with a little time for socializing and meeting other members at the same time.     This is one way  we get to know you, and how you get to know the rest of us.      

Another way to get to be a part of this organization is to volunteer for something that brings you into contact with the others.   Working together is great fun, I recommend it wholeheartedly.