Sunday, April 20, 2014

Springtime at the gallery

The big Annual Spring Art Show is over.   Whew!    Time to come back to the gallery to see the really special showing of art there this month.    Rochelle Tietze is the featured artist, and if you are familiar with her work, you know you want to see more of it.     

If you were one of the many winners of a raffle prize you can come to the gallery to pick it up.      We have called all the winners, so it's up to you to come and get it.   There were so many nice baskets full of donated items, and also a dozen pieces of hanging art. Thanks to all of you who donated raffle prizes, and to all of you who purchased raffle tickets.     Also this year there was a wine cork pull that helped generate some extra income for the gallery.     Thanks to those that donated wines, and those who paid for the chance to pull a cork and take home the wine with that number on the package.   It all helps.     Many, many thanks to JC Strote and all the volunteers for putting together a spectacular show this year.       Kudos.   

The next board meeting will be on May 6th at 7 p.m. unless it announced changed between now and then.    Everyone is welcome to attend.  This is the meeting that will let us know how well the event went in the way of raising funds for the Art Center.    

The next membership meeting will be on May 13th.      It is time for our election of new officers.      Time to get involved and time to vote.       Please come out and be an active part of LCAC.       

If you missed the Spring Show, the winning paintings, photographs, graphics, and 3 dimensional pieces will be on display at the gallery during the month of May.     You still have a chance to see them in person.      

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring is here and so is the big Spring Art Annual

The art is here, coming in from all over the area for this juried art show.    The judging is done, the winners names are posted on our web site, and we are getting ready to move the art to the Robert Mondavi Winery in Acampo for the big show.      It's all so exciting.  

 It is also really fun to work with others to make it happen.      There is still work to be done, and more volunteers needed to make the Annual Spring Art Show a great success.   Thursday the art will be moved out of the gallery into the truck which will be parked directly in front of the gallery.       Then on Friday, between 8 and 9 in the morning we need lots of people to help unload the truck and move the art into the winery and get ready to hang the paintings.       I encourage you to show up at the winery before 9 o'clock to see how this all happens and to help move paintings.  Many of the volunteers have done this before and can help show you what is needed and you'll soon just fall into place and feel a part of the crew.     You will be appreciated.    

After the moving art in, the art is placed and hung.    More people needed for this too.     Setting everything up for the show, with tables, check in area, etc.   takes more people.  

Then it's time to party!      See the website for gala information and scenes from past shows.         The Mondavi Winery venue is a beautiful site for this show.  You really must come out to see the show and enjoy the art.  Remember there are only three days to see this.  Friday evening by ticket only, and Saturday and Sunday open to the public, free admission.            See you there.